Robert Rozmus

Royal Air Force officer

Graduate of the Acting Department at the Lodz Film School. After his studies, he worked with the Powszechny Theatre in Łódź, and then with the New Theatre in Warsaw. He received first place at the Stage Songs Review in Wrocław. His song “Mówili na nią Słońce” [They Called Her Sun] and his original compositions from the album Wniebowzięty [Raptured] earned him a dedicated fan base. Major theatrical roles include Puck (Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Baron Tuzenbach (Chekhov’s Three Sisters), Peer Gynt (Ibsen’s Peer Gynt), Herostratus (Gorin’s Forget the Herostratus!), and The Host (Wyspiański’s The Wedding). He is also known as Mr. Rozi from the Olga Lipińska Cabaret, and as a member of the band Tercet czyli Kwartet. His original work Robert Rozmus Show, performed throughout Poland, turned out to be a great success.

He has participated in the TV programmes of Zbigniew Górny and Krzysztof Jaślar, including Gala Biesiadna [Convivial Gala], Poprawiny [Wedding After-Party], and Biesiada bez granic [Limitless Feast], and in popular productions of recent years, such as Dancing with the Stars and Dancing on Ice. He was the host of the TV shows Dziewięciu wspaniałych [The Magnificent Nine], and Rodzina jak z nut [Musical Family]. He is Poland’s multiple winner of Tennis Tournaments for Actors and an excellent golfer.

ROMA MT: Mamma Mia!, Singin’ in the Rain, Aladdin Jr., Academy of Mr. Kleks, Dance of the Vampires, Miss Saigon

ROMA MT (Nova Stage): The Trial – Musical Play