Maria Jóźwin

vocal swings

Graduate of the Department of Theatre Studies at the National Academy of Dramatic Art and of the Faculty of Journalism (Public Relations and Media Marketing) at the University of Warsaw. In 2008, she also graduated from the State School of Circus Art, specialising in the trapeze. From 2004 until 2007, she attended the Musical School at ROMA Musical Theatre. Since 2007, she has worked with the gospel music group Sound ’n’ Grace (finalist of the 4th edition of the show “Mam talent” [Poland’s Got Talent], participant in numerous concerts and TV shows, also known for its collaboration with many Polish performing artists and musicians). Since she was a child she has been learning various dance techniques: modern dance, jazz dance, tap dance, and ballet. She attended the “Harmonic Studio” dance school in Paris (tap dance, modern jazz).

ROMA MT: “Mamma Mia!”, “Singin’ in the Rain”