Joanna Sikorska

dance group

Born in 1983. At age 8 she started practising rhythmic gymnastics at the Central Military Sports Club (CWKS) Legia. During her sports career, which lasted six years, she was Poland’s Junior Champion and five-time gold medallist and bronze medallist at the international Olympic Hopes Tournament.

She made her dancing debut in the Warsaw Operetta’s shows “Kolorowa Łza” [A Coloured Tear] and “Przyszła fala, świat oszalał” [A Wave Came, the World Went Crazy] (with the Tintilo Dance Group). She appeared in the “Metro” musical (Studio Buffo) and in the fairy tale performance “Czerwony Kapturek. Ostateczne starcie” [Little Red Riding Hood. The Ultimate Confrontation] (Teatr Na Woli), the ballet performance “Grzechy” [Sins] (Teatr Syrena), the play “Tales from the Vienna Woods” (The National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw), the opera “Turandot” (Grand Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw) and the show “Król Swingu” [The King of Swing] alongside Maciej Stuhr. She plays the main part in the fairy tale “Księżniczka Szeherezada i piraci” [Princess Scheherazade and the Pirates] (Teatr Palladium).

As a choreographer and acrobat, she made her debut in the show “Hercules” (which premiered in the Musical Theatre in Gdynia). She has performed in numerous entertainment shows and festivals.