Iwo Wiciński

Born in 2004 in Warsaw. 6th grade primary school pupil and adept of the art of acting at the Little Film School of the Warsaw Film School.

He made his debut on the small screen when he was six years old, in the children’s TV series Dzieciaki MiniMini [MiniMini Kids], while his theatrical debut was a year later, in the show The Snow Queen at the Syrena Theatre (as Kai). He has also played in several feature films (including Okna i samoloty [Windows and Airplanes] and Little Jacob), provided dubbing for films and computer games, and appeared in music videos and musical radio programmes.

Currently, he performs at three theatres in Warsaw: the Syrena, the Powszechny and ROMA MT. He is also a presenter of the programme Teleranek [Telemorning] on TVP ABC. He dances, sings, recites... (2nd and 3rd place in the recitation competition Warszawska Syrenka [Warsaw Mermaid]).