Basia Gąsienica Giewont

Lord Stanford’s daughter

Vocalist, theatre and musical actress. Graduate of the Academy of Music in Kraków. She is a laureate of prestigious festivals (including the Grand Prix Award at the International Edith Piaf Festival).

She worked with Adam Sztaba on the album Moje pocieszenie [My Solace] by Andrzej Brandstatter, recorded a duet with Grzegorz Turnau for the album Fabryka klamek [The Door-Knob Factory], and sang on the album Krajobraz Rzeczy Pięknych [The Landscape of Beautiful Things] by Andrzej Zarycki. She collaborated with Andrzej Poniedzielski for the music project Wywar z przywar [Brew of Vices], and performed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as a special guest of the Czech band Čechomor.

She has performed in the opera Hansel and Gretel by Engelbert Humperdinck (as Hansel), and in the show Freddie Mercury Rock Opera. She has also played in the musical Legally Blonde (directed by Janusz Józefowicz) as Serena or Enid. At the Rampa Theatre in Warsaw, she plays the Queen in Rhapsody with a Demon, while in the children’s show Wanna Archimedesa [Archimedes’ Bathtub], she plays the role of the Top Student. She played Emilia Wojtyła in the musical about Pope John Paul II entitled Karol.

She has performed in three promotional singles along with their music videos.