• For many years, the ROMA Musical Theatre has been the only theatre in Poland performing shows using the “Broadway” system, i.e. the Main Stage has only one title in its repertoire, performed seven times per week.
  • Each evening, 999 audience participants can watch a show at the ROMA Musical Theatre— with this exact number of seats in the audience (after rebuilding in 2014-15). It is the largest theatre audience in Warsaw (not counting The Grand Theatre – National Opera).
  • The ROMA Musical Theatre has the largest LED screens among Polish theatres. The horizontal (fixed) screen is 16 x 10 m, while four smaller screens (installed on mobile platforms) measure 3 x 7 m.
  • 600 actors, vocalists and dancers participated in castings that took place in October, November and December 2016. Three-part auditions took 10 days in total and, finally, 68 artists were invited to join the cast.
  • A live orchestra of 21 musicians plays in The Pilots.
  • For The Pilots, a largest trapdoor in the history of the ROMA Musical Theatre has been constructed on the stage, measuring 8 x 1.8 m.
  • For the first time in the history of the ROMA Musical Theatre, six months before the première, a promotional music video was shot for one of the songs from the musical (the duet “Nie obiecuj nic” [Don’t Promise Anything], sung by Zofia Nowakowska and Jan Traczyk). It was directed by Sebastian Gonciarz.
  • In total, about 500 costumes have been made for the show.