A press conference for musical "The Pilots"

There was a media frenzy! This happened after a press conference for the musical “The Pilots”, during which we presented a full stage version of fragments of the show.

On Tuesday, 20 September, a press conference was held at our theatre, attended by nearly a hundred TV, radio, press and web journalists and hosted by the outstanding Filip Chajzer. During the event, we introduced the artists and people involved in production of the show. The host briefly interviewed Director Wojciech Kępczyński (the author of the libretto and director of the show), Michał Wojnarowski (song lyrics), Jakub Lubowicz (co-composer and co-arranger, orchestra conductor and musical director of the show) and Dawid Lubowicz (co-composer and co-arranger).

The key element of the event was the presentation of fragments of the musical “The Pilots”. The following songs were performed: “Introduction/Overture”, “To dziś, to tu” [It’s Here and Now], “Nie obiecuj nic” [Don't You Say a Word], “Mój świat” [My World], “Jestem iskrą [I Am a Spark] / Tango / Wybuch wojny [The Outbreak of the War]”, the title piece “The Pilots” and “Pan Hurricane” [Mr Hurricane].

We would like to thank our Partners: the Vapiano restaurant and the company Loyd Mokate for excellent service during the conference.