“The Pilots” in the media



“The Pilots" in the Polityka Weekly


Today’s issue of the “Polityka” weekly (No. 36, 369195) ran an extensive feature on Polish musical productions. Much attention was devoted to our show “Pilots” scheduled to premiere on 7 October.

Z. Nowakowska and J. TRACZYK on Polish Radio Four


Zosia Nowakowska and Janek Traczyk, the leads (playing Nina and Jan) in the musical “Pilots”, were guests on the programme “W to mi graj” [You Couldn’t Have Played it Better], hosted by Michał Piwowarek, which aired exactly one week after the premiere. Listen to what they said about their work on the show and how their parts evolved.

Visiting TOK FM


The guests invited to the radio programme “Salon – Szczerotok” [Salon – straight talking], hosted by Tomasz Raczek, were Wojciech Kępczyński (Director of ROMA Musical Theatre, author of the libretto and director of the show “Pilots”), Jakub Lubowicz (co-composer and orchestra conductor) and Zofia Nowakowska (actress playing one of the show’s main parts). Listen to the interview.


Rzeczpospolita Daily: ROMA's musical trip


An unusual love triangle involving Nina, a stunning cabaret dancer, a handsome and brave pilot, and World War 2 as a force that wants to ruin their love and separate the lovers forever.

Gala bi-weekly: an interview with Zosia Nowakowska


“I’m full of rock ’n’ roll”, says Zosia Nowakowska in her interview for Gala, talking about how she started her career, how she herself evolved thanks to the roles she played, what Nina, the main female protagonist of the musical “Pilots”, is like; to find out all this and much more read the interview with Zosia in the Gala bi-weekly.

Wprost Weekly: An Acting and Singing Success!


A day ahead of the premiere of “Pilots”, the Wprost weekly ran an article with an overview of the most interesting upcoming theatre shows. Much attention was devoted to the musical “Pilots” and to ROMA Musical Theatre.

naszemiasto.pl: A Girl and a Boy, Old Warsaw and War in the Background


This is the first Polish project written by and produced exclusively by ROMA Musical Theatre. We can expect a spectacular show full of great music, impressive choreography and excellent acting. The premiere is on 7 October. “Book your tickets, they are selling like hot cakes”, writes Sylwia Turczyńska on the website Naszemiasto.pl.

A press conference for musical "The Pilots"


There was a media frenzy! This happened after a press conference for the musical “The Pilots”, during which we presented a full stage version of fragments of the show.