Video clip - backstage

Nagrywamy teledysk

Video clip - backstage

Music video for “Nie obiecuj nic”[Don't you say a word"]. See how the shooting was done on the Main Stage of our theatre, and what the actors and director said about working on the set.

Zosia Nowakowska (Nina): “It was pure pleasure to work on this music video. Beautiful music, perfect scenery, positive, talented people and lots of laughs.”

Jan Traczyk (Jan): “For me, shooting this music video was an incredible moment spent with nice and creative people in a fantastic atmosphere! We gave it our all.”

Sebastian Gonciarz, music video director: “As early as the script stage, I decided that the form of the music video for this beautiful song would be very simple. It’s all about describing the nature of the characters (the main protagonists of the musical) played by, among others, Zofia Nowakowska and Jan Traczyk. Passion, longing and love: these are the emotions felt by our protagonists. We will also see brilliant musicians in the music video. They will be playing the music in this show for many months. I very much wanted to show them because they often remain invisible to the viewer, despite being an integral part of the musical.”